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Summer Festival Culture
The Educational Festival joins the Culture of Summer Festivals, a culture reborn in the 1970’s and continually developed into the present (21st) century. First were the Open-Air Concerts, mostly Rock and Blues music festivals, that enriched our social lives. Later classical concert organizers joined the trend, and Classic Music festivals began to blossom, and now there are concerts for every music style imaginable. Theater Festivals under the stars also shared significance as cultural happenings.

In the 90’s, Film Festivals began sprouting up, bringing people potential together in new and creative ways around the Cinema.  Artists from different disciplines presented their works more frequently outside the traditional framework, inspiring opportunities for even more unique festivals. The creation of Museum Nights, Readings on the Lake, or Culinary Fantasy Excursions were among other things, a further expression of this trend.

Excluded from this social trend toward cultural encounter in Festival Character, remained the area of learning and education. Education continued to take place either at cortical characterized specialty congresses or rather, mostly in the loveless equipped learning halls of the traditional education centers. Drums, drudgery, rote learning, the outside almost forcing shape on the inside, a must do instead of joy in discovering - so is the state of education for the most part in our lives today. It is precisely this tide that we wish to change with the Learning Festival.

Growth from the inside: Nourishing the inside out.
This annual and future Learning Festivals aspire to transform learning for adults into a dynamic experience again.  A good combination of theory, dialog, brain-, heart-, and bodystorming, as well as exchange of expertise and argument, experience, and artistic encounters... makes it possible to expand one’s insights and awareness beyond a specialized technical and increased expert knowledge, to an optimized combination of special, social, and self competence, and a learning out of joy and enthusiasm.

The Festival shall serve as encouragement for the Educational field professions as well, to evolve out of the narrowness of it’s current existence.
Specialists in the areas of education, learning and culture will come together here with participants to initiate and nourish this encounter and learning space in a wonderful atmospheric surrounding, making these days in Weggis an unforgettable marker in the individual life stories of those who can be present.

Experience-based learning and growing from the inside out is the way of the future.
The neurobiological research of the last years challenges modern educational accompaniment to make implicit learning possible.  This form of learning changes the structure of the brain, connects nerve pathways, builds new synapses, and leads to totally new cognitive, emotional, and social life competence. Inside and outside, subjectively and objectively, consciousness and form do not have to be, and in fact, must not be held separate from one another any longer.  When we succeed in strengthening the dynamics of these powerful polarities and consciously hold the bull by the two horns, we shall reap the fruits of abundance.

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